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Native of Lviv Pidlypna Iryna (04 May Day of birth) in music from an early age - completed a children's music studio for piano, sang in the children's band "Smile" led by A. Kuzin. In this collective together with Ira sang Ruslana, Oleh White (A. Shevchenko) R.Boyko-well-known personality.

In 1989, in group of composer Alexander Yerchenko and producer I. Tuchinskiy "Holiday" Ira has received a name- Irchyk from Lviv. In 1989 on Ukrainian television screens out the first video clip "Ukrainian lambada. Then it was filmed videos "Madonna"and " To third cock''.A year later she became a singer of the "Studio Lion"; simultaneously studied at the Lviv State University im.Franko the Faculty of Ukrainian philology.

The competition "Red Rue-91" super-hits "Ukrainian lambada"and "To third cock" had done it at the time the p(Truskavets) in 1992 Irchyk went with the Studio Lion. 1992, with composop singer number 1 in Ukraine. 1991 released album "To third cock". After the festival "Maria" (Truskavets) in 1992 Irchyk went from the ''Studio Lion''. 1992, with composer Ivan Nebesnyy and O. Dzhyndzhyrysta was established lirycal song "Tell me, Mom. " In 1994 with the song "Remember" Irchyk was invited to the television program "Shire Krug " Moscow. In 1995, A. Kuzmenko (Kuzma) gave Iryna a new liryc, which Mr.V. Bebeshko wrote music and was born in Irchyk new hit "So - I", to which Mr. Zaykovskyy recorded video clip.

Fall of 1995, the company " NAC" has released a new CD Irchyka - "So - I". In 1996 in Lviv, a presentation of the new CD. Another successful collaboration was with A. Kryvuta and V. Bebeshko, was established song "But I know", which in 1996 won the musical program " Hits of the year. A year later Irchyk debut as a dramatic actress - in the theater M.Zankovetska .Marichka she played in the operetta "Sharika" and Ophelia in Shakespeare tragedy "Hamlet. " In 1997, together with the Theater. M Zankovetska toured the U.S., performing at festivals " Soyuzivka", "Verkhovyna"(USA).

In 1998 she graduated from Lviv Higher Musical College it M.Lysenko, a specialty - Theatre and film actress, and Lviv State University it I. Franko, Ukrainian filolohiya. Summer 1998-th, as Irena has it started to record the album with the telling name of "Summer-summer" in collaboration with the composer Felix Lutskiy (USA), which was issued by "NAC". In 1999 the Canadian label "Yevshan" has released a new CD-compilation of songs the singer's "Best songs". In 2000 in Toronto (Canada) performed at the Ukrainian festival «Bloor West».

In 2004, was born her son, Alexander Lutskiy. Irchyk became a happy mom and continues to engage in creative work. In 2008, with old friend of the family G. Krychevskiy Irchyk has sung a duet "Me and you" (F. Lutskiy). In the same year the song "Me and You" won the Song Festival "Golden Song of the Year " (Kiev). In 2009 Irchyk recorded the song "Ukraine"(lirycs- F. Lutskiy, S. Halinkina ,music F. Lutskiy), music producer -V. Bebeshko.